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Robert Michelsen: Hell no, and I probably never will. There will only exist 200 Simplicities when he finishes them, and the buyers are carefully chosen by Mr. Dufour himself. And forget about second hand Simplicities, since the prices only go up on the after market. I will most likely never be able to afford that kind of luxury. So a Philippe Dufour watch is only a dream, but what a dream to have, huh?

My First Grail Watch: Robert Michelsen Of Michelsen Watchmakers My First Grail Watch
Robert Michelsen and Philippe Dufour

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Nevertheless, the appeal of wearing an all-gold watch is still very much a desire for a number people of all ages across different cultures. I've put together a list of what I feel are 10 of the best timepieces to wear when your main goal is simply to have a prominently gold watch without a lot of fuss. There is really no deficit of gold-cased watches out there, but these 10 timepieces very much emphasize the notion of wearing a "gold watch." I want to point out that, in my opinion, you need to wear an 18k yellow or 18k rose/pink/red gold watch for the fullest gold experience, as 18k white gold doesn't have the standard gold color, and given that it can be mistaken for steel from afar, just doesn't have the correct intended "gold watch" effect.

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Clerc Hydroscaph H140 Carbon Limited Edition Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Clerc Hydroscaph H140 Carbon Limited Edition Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Sterile dials are an interesting thing, and while they aren't totally absent from the world of production watches, they aren't highly common. By sterile, I am talking about dials the lack branding, and sometimes any words at all. Something you'll find on all Uniform Wares watches (at least for now) is no branding at all on the dials. This offers an interesting, elegant look, and a forced focus on the pure design of the dial and case, without the interference of branding elements. For Uniform Wares, a lack of branding in their branding.

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By now, I'm guessing you've either retired to the comments to question why I'm writing another car post on a watch blog, or you've been following along and you're asking, "why Chopard?" Chopard has an involved relationship with Porsche that stems from Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele's love of Porsche (he has even driven a 550 Spyder at the Mille Miglia) to Chopard's own ambassador Jacky Ickx. If you came to this post because you love endurance racing, or motorsports in general, you already know Jacky Ickx. If not, Jacky Ickx is known as "Monsieur Le Mans" and is a legend within professional motorsports, with six victories at Le Mans, four of those at the wheel of a Porsche. I had the privilege to meet Mr. Ickx at Baselworld this past year, and he is nothing short of a delight and is a fitting ambassador for Chopard's connection with Porsche.

Habring2 has traditionally relied on the Valjoux/ETA 7750 and 7760 movements, which it modified to feature dead-beat seconds, split-seconds chronographs, and other unique complications. It is here that we shall note that Richard Habring has been heavily involved in the development of IWC's Doppelchronograph, that was also based on a 7750 and featured a rattrapante module. Habring2, along with countless other smaller and major manufacturers who relied heavily on ETA movements, had to face serious challenges in 2011, when ETA first began to considerably reduce the amount of supplied movements.

So, now you have a 2D drawing and a probably a few hand drawn perspective sketches. Do you like solid modeling in 3D CAD programs?

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 L'Empreinte Du Dragon Watch With Engraved Scales Watch Releases

The caliber inside is a 25-jewel, 38-hour power reserve movement, with Junghans engraved on the rotor. This is pretty much the best of both worlds: a reliable automatic movement with the understated elegance of German design.

The irony of an 18k gold Royal Oak is that when the Royal Oak was first introduced by Audemars Piguet in the early 1970s, its goal was to be a high-end sports watch in steel... priced like a gold watch. Having a gold version is slightly ironic, given the original theme of the Royal Oak, but we can't blame Audemars Piguet for deciding to produce 18k gold models of the famous timepiece. If you wear a gold watch chances are that you want people to see it; so the 41mm wide version of the Royal Oak makes the most sense - and it looks very fine in its ref. 15400OR.OO.1220OR.01 iteration, priced at ,500.

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Cartier Calibre

9. Smartwatches are increasingly round, but mostly square or rectangular, is that something Newson is comfortable with? Newson's only angular watch for Ikepod was a rather strange looking timepiece called the Solaris, which debuted in 2009. It was actually one of the smallest watches he created, and it was designed to be reversible - with watch dials on both sides. Newson also designed a somewhat rectangular oblong watch for Ikepod known as the Manatee.

It is funny to think that with the materials and design of these Junghans Force Mega Solar watches, you would be hard-pressed to know that these were quartz watches. Well, aside from that LCD date display, of course. Many times, when we talk about atomic-solar watches, they are very much in the rugged/outdoors/chock-full-of-plastic category. Here, Junghans has gone in a much more reserved direction, with a few sportier models mixed in – but no plastic in sight.

Compared to some other classic pilot watches, the Navitimer has never been the most legible, given all the markers and information on the dial. With that said, detailing is very good, and for what it is, the Navitimer is pretty easy on the eyes. The "panda" style dial of the ref. AB012721|BD09|441X|A20BA.1 Navitimer 01 46mm and the GMT 48mm ref. AB044121|BD24|441X|A20BA.1 (and the ref. AB044121|BD24|443A come on the Navitimer-style steel bracelet) Breitling Navitimer GMT with its off-white subdials and periphery area and black main dial is a classic, but don't discount the appeal of the all cream-colored ref AB044121|G783|757P that is also fantastic in design and more suitable for some tastes, as it matches very well to the brown leather strap.

Jorg Hysek: A personal design, as the term implies, reflects the sensitivity of a given person, depending on its creator or designer. In modern industry, the original design is all too often modified by technical and marketing constraints and these modifications are generally made by technicians themselves and not by the designer; the personal essence of the creation is thereby diluted, resulting in an impersonal design.

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Also good is that legibility when reading the time indication dial is rather good. As you can see, the 18k white gold and 18k rose gold versions of the Piaget Altiplano 900P have distinct finishes on the dial. I find the rose gold hands on gray a bit easier to read, but as far as dress watches go - especially those with visible movements on the dial, Piaget did a pretty good job with the Piaget Altiplano 900P in that regard.

New Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Watches Tortured To Illustrate Durability Watch Releases

The core of the Ressence Type 1 is a base Swiss mechanical automatic movement that you can imagine is heavily modified by Ressence in-house. Benoit laments the difficulty in getting properly made parts and says that most of the money Ressence makes goes right back into the brand. His goal, of course, is to purchase the machinery necessary to produce pieces in-house. It is an important lessons for ambitious young watch making entrepreneurs - that production and supply are often much more deviously overwhelming than design and distribution.

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The hands complement the pilot style watch and reach deep into the face making total use of the space provided. The hour hand is skeletonized at the tip allowing an easy view of the date window and inner hour index indicators, and the body of the hand is filled with a generous portion of Superluminova. The minute hand is skeletonized in the body of the hand, with the tip filled with Superluminova. The second hand is a long arrow with no luminant applied. All of the hands have a brushed steel finish. Note the picture of the lume and the lack of application on the outer index. The luminant works well and after many hours on my nightstand I am still able to make out the time, though, a bit of lumination at the 12 position would be helpful for orientation in low light conditions.

The Porsche Design Timepiece Number 1 and Porsche Design Chronograph Titanium Limited edition each feature 42mm wide titanium cases, with the former being PVD-black coated. Each is offered in a bead-blasted finish with gives them a neat looking industrial "tool watch" feel. With just 50 meters of water resistance these aren't super sport watches, but I have a feeling that number will get better in the future. There is a sapphire crystal over the caseback with a view of the movement as well as an AR-coated crystal (coated on both sides) over the dial. Note that the rear crystal is tinted black to give the movement a dark looking finish.

My relationship with the watch industry is purely as an outsider and a consumer, although I have been to the Basel show and aspire to be in the business one day (that said, the monopolistic nature of the Swiss watch industry is scary!)

To the upper right of the detent escapement is a constant force system which ensures that power going from the mainspring to the movement is consistent over time, even as the torque flowing from the mainspring is not consistent. That happens because when a spring is fully wound, it releases more torque than when it is close to being unwound. Because most regulation systems aren't able to adjust for changes in torque, a supplementary constant force escapement can be really useful in ensuring accuracy over time. Sure, you can just get a quartz watch if you are interested in the most accuracy, but it is an interesting exercise in one's passion for mechanical watches to seek out the most accurate timepieces available without having to resort to getting an electronic timepiece.

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Are there any similar fashion restrictions about after-market watch straps being matched with watches? For example, is it OK to wear a brown strap on a watch with a black dial?

For many watch lovers, timepieces like the Patek Philippe 5270G or 5271P epitomize a high-point of design and class. For other people, they represent tasteful history that today feels boring, given the more progressive designs of other brands. Having said that, no one entered a Patek Philippe store looking for anything edgy or artistic. Owning one of these is buying history to the degree you are investing in timeless design that will remain attractive to a lot of people long after you are dead - which really goes to Patek Philippe's main theme. Understanding Patek Philippe as a brand is the starting point to helping people understand watches like the Patek Philippe 5270. That said, with its more modern 41mm wide case size and lovely looks, this is among the top Patek Philippe timepieces these days if you have the resources for one. The Patek Philippe 5270G models are priced at 6,300 and the Patek Philippe 5271P-001 with diamonds retails for 0,000. patek.com

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 167: Should You Pay Attention To Watch Auctions?

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 167: Should You Pay Attention To Watch Auctions?