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What if the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 was an ultra-light-weight timepiece? That would make sense for something inspired by the air and cloud. The Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Air concept would be "a light-weight and colored watch. High tech materials would making it extremely light yet almost indestructible. The Sea-Dweller Air gives the wearer the illusion that you better keep it on your wrist or it will simply float away like a balloon."

Back in 2008, I wrote an article explaining just that, where I discussed what Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movements are. I will however briefly explain this rather exotic quartz movement again. First you need to know that Seiko Kinetic movements have an automatic rotor in them similar to automatic mechanical movements. Rather than wind a mainspring, the rotor in a Kinetic watch charges a battery. Thus, Seiko Kinetic watches are quartz watches with batteries that charge as you wear them - fine. Kinetic Direct Drive in a sense adds hand-winding to a Kinetic movement. This means that by winding the crown you can charge the battery. More so, you can actually see how much power you are charging in real time via the indicator hand - which also doubles as a power reserve indicator for the battery life. It is difficult to explain what this looks like, but these are really fun to play with. The downside to Kinetic Direct Drive watches is that unlike some Kinetic watches that have batteries which can last many months, the battery in the Kinetic Direct Drive only lasts about a month. Then again, that is pretty long given that it charges while you wear it, and you'll likely be hand-charging it all the time.

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The Nomos Ahoi Atlantik retains the same pricing as the silver-grey dial version with the no-date model listing for ,060 USD and the Atlantik Datum going for ,660. Some of you may scoff at this price point, but I firmly believe that they are still a brand on the rise and their prices will likely increase over the coming years. They are a German brand manufacturing more and more of their movements in-house and almost all of their design is in-house as well. Compared to their competitors, they are very well priced and offer a look and value proposition that is entirely their own.

Patek Philippe 175 Auction Interview With Head Of Christie’s Watch Department

Patek Philippe 175 Auction Interview With Head Of Christie’s Watch Department

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The skeletonization includes hollowed-out bridges, the most peculiar of which is the one found at the 4 o'clock position. This large, star-shaped constellation of five bridges hold the massive mainspring barrel in place, while between it and the balance is the swirling arrangement of wheels and purple jewels: the going-train. While there certainly are more affordable ways of showing your friends how a mechanical watch works, I still like the idea of being able to show the exact flow of energy from the barrel, through the going train, to the balance wheel on such a pompously styled watch. Hidden somewhere deep inside this tornado of eye-candy are some very interesting basic watchmaking principles.

Rolex, of course, isn't the type of company to put anything extra on their timepieces, so it is not really practical to expect them to put some sort of a unique design element on the watch to commemorate the event, but I figured it was worth mentioning. In a sense, collectors can think of the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue dial watch as a consolation to the fact that Rolex will not actually be producing for retail sale the massive Deepsea Challenge concept watch designed for the underwater mission that was water resistant to 12,000 meters. That is over three times the 3,900 meters of water resistance of the Deepsea, but it is designed like a super-sized version of the standard Deepsea. Rolex had just a few weeks to create the Deepsea Challenge concept watch and they only made about 5 or 6 of them.

My personal taste is more about matching like materials.

Bearing the Seal of Geneva, Vacheron Constantin has apparently been working on the Caliber 3500 since 2008. It isn’t uncommon for new movements like this to require years of development. You’ll notice a very high level of refinement in operating the movement such as activating the chronograph or using the split seconds function. I don’t know that one needs to spend this much money for a refined chronograph, but at the least you won’t be disappointed with the Calibre 3500 if you are fortunate enough to be the owner of one. While it is a rather arbitrary anniversary, Vacheron Constantin further dedicates its 2015 novelties and new movements such as the Calibre 3500 for the brand’s 260th anniversary.

Even though the MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 has such a distinct look to it, so much of it is inspired by other MB&F watches. I've already mentioned the HM4-inspired elements and shared philosophy. You also see some of the HM3 Frog (hands-on here) when it comes to the domes that are used to indicate the hours and minutes. MB&F even goes back to its roots by having a centrally-mounted tourbillon, similar to that of the Horological Machine No. 1.

When the hour changes, that is a bit more noticeable, as the belt is moving longer than the minute belt. Again, not overly loud, but something that (unintentionally or not) sort of acts like an hour chime on a digital watch might - you can hear (and feel somewhat) the change of the hour, letting you know time has passed.

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5. Ikepod quickly became a serious luxury watch brand with prices to match. While Ikepod had some Hemipode tourbillon-based watches, many of the most expensive Ikepod watches were made from solid platinum cases. Because the shape of the cases required such a large block of platinum to work with, they were for a time the most expensive platinum watches with a relatively simple chronograph movement, at prices close to 0,000 or more.

The case uses some special screws and has articulating lugs, which help the sheer mass of the case fit securely on a range of wrist sizes. It is quite rare for a watch design to be so focused on being large, but also wearable. With a properly-sized strap, the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver wears extremely comfortably. Changes to the case from the Eterna to the Porsche Design are evident, but minor. Most of the changes to the watch from the prior Eterna version are on the dial - though it is not just a matter of a re-badged watch - the Porsche Design piece is very much a Porsche Design watch that simply borrows from an incredible design that didn't work for Eterna.

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Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement with custom automatic rotor. The dial of the Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 and the Porsche Design Chronograph Titanium Limited Edition is pure Porsche Design no-nonsense function with a hint of style. This is where the original Chronograph is most homaged. It is solid, restrained sports watch at its best and gives the dial a highly functional and timeless feel. I even like how it is complimented by the slightly rounded case. Overall, a solid offering from Porsche Design. Though, one issue people are going to have is the price, which feels a bit high for what you are getting, despite the Porsche Design name. The reference 4046901830908 Porsche Design Chronograph Titanium Limited Edition is priced at ,850 and the reference 4046901830892  Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 is priced at ,550. Each of the two models will be limited to 500 pieces.

Nixie Wrist Wearable Flying Drone

Nixie Wrist Wearable Flying Drone

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For Swatch, the entire point of the Swatch Irony XLite collection is to focus on the light-weight design that uses plastic and aluminum, as well as the colorful contemporary (yet still familiar) designs. There is a light playfulness to the designs that is both modern and attractive. What I like about most Swatch watches is that while they can get abstract in their designs, most all retain the core elements that make up what a time-telling watch dial should be.

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2014 sees the release of the Accutron II collection from Bulova, but explaining it within the historic and modern context of the Bulova brand is a bit complicated. Accutron was the name of the sub-brand Bulova launched in 1960 to house its highly successful electronic tuning fork movements. These pre-quartz movements were the height of watch technology for about a decade. At Baselworld 2014 one of the new Bulova watches released was the Accutron II Alpha collection, which is in honor of the iconic Spaceview. You can read that article for a bit more historic context.

The 39mm wide, white gold cased Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Ivy Minute Repeater has a whisper of sensuality, evoked by the whimsical diamond encrusted tendrils of Ivy shimmering with a dusting of snow above the blue sunburst guilloche motif. Before one floats off into hazy dreams brought on by the sheer elegance of the dial, one must be aware of the powerful movement that lies beneath. Although, a watch with a diameter of 39mm is on the larger size for a woman's watch, it is quite snug for the complex design of a minute repeater. To adapt to the size limitations, Jaeger-LeCoultre created an entirely new movement, the Calibre 942A. Creating a new movement is a common challenge for Jaeger-LeCoultre, who has already created close to 1250 unique calibres, filed about 400 patents, and come up with some of the most ingenious inventions – many of which were designed out of sheer necessity, such as the polo-inspired Reverso.

Ernie Romers: When I started Watchuseek as a links page and added forums to it through the years, I was happy with the couple of advertisers who made it possible for me to maintain the site and make it grow slowly. My next goal was to become an authorized watch dealer. I succeeded to be one for UhrKraft (Germany), Stowa, U-Boat, and Welder, to name a few. But then the crisis started, back in 2008, and my sales significantly dropped. At the same time, the request for advertising increased. It was in those days that I decided to focus on advertising and making it the main source for income. So no, it wasn’t a money making business from the start, but it became an important side effect during the years. After all, the costs (lawyers, web design, maintenance, hiring tech guys, having my own servers, etc.) are quite steep to keep such a site on the air.

OK, now I sound like some type of digital purist, and that isn't the case. I suppose it is still a strange thing for me to match my love of analog dials - which normally come with mechanical movements - with quartz movements. The Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG-S1000 collection of watches do a lot, and the Casio caliber 5369 "Tough Solar" quartz movement is an impressive little beast. In addition to light power generation and connecting to the world's six atomic clock radio signals to update the time, the watch features a 1/20th of a second chronograph, countdown timer, alarm, dual time mode, and calendar.

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This year commemorates 10 years of the use of Seiko's in-house designed and developed Spring Drive movement found in Grand Seiko, known as the 9R caliber. To celebrate this, Arizona Fine Time is hosting our 5th annual Grand Seiko Roadshow, where Master Spring Drive Watchmaker Mr. Ikukiyo Komatsu is being flown in from Shiojiri, Japan, to build a Seiko Spring Drive 9R caliber right here in our retail store for all to see. If you are in the Phoenix area on December 5th from 3-7pm, please feel free to stop by and indulge in complimentary sushi, Asahi beer, and Yamakazi single malt whiskey, and to see an expert assemble the worlds most accurate movement powered by a mainspring. Also, we are proud to bring you a hands-on look at a limited edition model made to honor the 10 year 9R anniversary, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA109.

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