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This is a very important concept, since having a watch that is completely (or close to) built in-house likely means that the same attention to detail, to design, to maintenance, and so on, was done in one place, by the same group of designers and engineers.  The grand houses of the Swiss watch industry have known this for a while and do everything themselves for a reason...  Rolex for instance, produces everything (even forging the steel and precious metals used in their cases) in-house, and few watches come close to the quality and craftsmanship that you get with a Rolex.

Inside the Deep Sea Chronograph Cermet watches are in-house made Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 758 automatic movements. The 758 is a sweet column-wheel based chronograph with a 65 hour power reserve and a unique "chronograph function" indicator. My only complaint is that JLC decided not to include a date window on the dial. The chronograph function indicator takes the form of a small round window over where the hour and minute hands meet. The window shows either all white, half white and half red, or all red. These various displays indicate whether the chronograph is stopped, paused, or operating. It isn't the most useful feature in the world, but it is cool. And the idea behind it is to allow for divers in murky water (who no doubt will be relying solely on their pricey Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre luxury watch) to easily determine at a glance what is going on with their chronograph. Though I am not sure whether or not Jaeger-LeCoultre even suggests that using the chronograph underwater is OK. Think of it as an historic throwback complication. Enough said, money is already on the table.

Breitling does offer a limited edition of the Navitimer 01 in steel that, as far as I can tell, has four hardly noticeable changes from the one reviewed here. Differences are: 1) a white gold B-winged logo on the dial instead of yellow gold, 2) the date aperture has white background with red digits instead of black background and white digits, 3) the serial number (up to 2000) is engraved on the side of the case, and 4) a sapphire crystal caseback showing the in-house B01 movement. Of these changes, the only one I wish mine also had is the see-through caseback...

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I like that Ulysse Nardin retained the magnifier lens over the date window. These are less and less common these days but I still like them in many instances. The Marine Chronometer Manufacture watches will have at least three strap options with cases in both 18k rose gold as well as titanium mixed with rose gold. There is also a titanium cased model with a steel bezel. Strap options include the iconic Ulysse Nardin rubber dive-style straps with the metal links, as well as alligator straps and full gold or titanium and steel bracelets. While the prices for the all gold limited edition model is as high (given the material) as ,800, the standard Ulysse Nardin Marine Manufacture watches range from ,400 - ,800 which isn't too bad.

Breitling Chronomat 44 Watch Limited Edition For Govberg

Breitling Chronomat 44 Watch Limited Edition For Govberg

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The original Citizen Satellite Wave took about 60 seconds to connect with signals on average and Citizen claims that the Satellite Wave-Air only takes about 20 seconds. They claim other improvements in terms of receiving signals usability features making the entire system a lot easier to live with. Citizen's goal is to roll out the satellite syncing technology to replace the existing atomic clock radio signal syncing technology available in many of their watches. Why? Because satellite signals are available all over the world as opposed to specific regions where atomic clock signals are available. The idea is to have accurate time and calendar data no matter where you are in the world.

The Grande Seconde dial made the modern Jaquet Droz watch brand famous. Taken from an interesting 18th century pocket watch with a lovely figure eight style dial, the Grande Seconde wristwatch dial was not only visually appealing, but also resonated well with the Chinese consumer who has a penchant for the number "8." Today, the Grande Seconde dial is basically synonymous with the aged brand - even though the figure eight style dial was not a big part of the brand's true history.

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While it was easy to understand Hublot producing a wild looking promotional model like the F1 King Power Austin Limited Edition, can you honestly imagine Rolex following in step? It's nearly impossible to envision a Rolex slathered in F1 branding, sporting a brake rotor bezel and produced solely to promote a new stop on the race calendar. What is both possible and exciting is the idea that Rolex will leverage this new F1 partnership to launch an update to the Daytona. The Daytona is Rolex's famous and somewhat long-in-the-tooth racing chronograph which has been connected to professional racing since its initial debut in 1963. The current Daytona is due for an update and Formula 1 would make for a fitting platform from which to launch the next generation of Rolex's iconic race chronograph (maybe a 50th Anniversary edition?). So, while it is unlikely that we will see a Rolex play host to any considerable F1 branding, the partnership between Rolex and Formula 1 translates to massive exposure that may be the ideal stage for announcing a new Daytona. With the 2013 F1 season kicking off in Australia on the 17th of March, it's anyone's guess what we might see at Baselworld only a month later.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 124 – Zombitastic

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 124 – Zombitastic

Patrimony as a term means something that is inherited through one’s father – a fitting title for something in the high-end watch industry that is so concerned with tradition.  As a modern watch, Patrimony models nevertheless take a lot of inspiration from the past, something that Vacheron Constantin clearly relies upon as a selling point.

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So will you take your N.O.A Skell without the Skull, or enjoy your techno-punk style skull and crossbones dial in the Ghost collection? Why hold back? If you are going this far with a design you might as well go "Full Monty" and get a Ghost collection piece - in rose gold tone and white. Yea, because there is nothing that goes better with white alligator loafers and gold teeth like a matching watch with a skull on the dial. You player you. Don't miss the metal bracelet option to go with the high-quality customer caoutchouc rubber straps. Prices for the N.O.A Skell and Ghost collection watches will range from ,300 - ,600.

Top 10 Space-Themed Watches

Top 10 Space-Themed Watches

They're either for people really into tech, and/or those who have ditched wearing a watch and instead rely completely on their smartphone to keep them on time. It's really to those two categories, primarily, that having a "second screen" on your wrist is really going to appeal. As for me, I just enjoy watches of all types, so this processor-driven segment is interesting to keep an eye on. But, enough pontificating - on to the watch!

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In the comparison image above you can see just how different the two Portuguese Chronograph models are, even though at a glance they are very similar. The sportier case is 42mm wide versus 40.1mm wide, further wearing larger due to the thick lugs (note that the Classic is also 2mm thicker). Having said that, the dial on the original Chronograph is liable to appear a bit larger given its thinner bezel. Unlike the lume-filled hands of the Yacht Club, the Classic has similar thick hands, but they instead have a dark colored strip bisecting them. It in an interesting touch.

In about 2009, I understand that most marine and air services stopped using the 121.5 MHz frequency in favor of the 406.040 MHz frequency channel for emergency beacon signals. The reason is obvious, given that the 121.5 MHz frequency's range is limited. The 406.040 MHz signal is also monitored by low orbit satellites that are part of the Cospas-Sarsat system. This effectively gives the Emergency II watch a much more impressive range than the original Emergency given that the wearer is no longer limited to transmitting a signal with a 100 mile range.

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After a seven year hiatus, Vianney Halter is back with the Deep Space Tourbillon. The design of his new watch is remarkably different from his last, the Classic Janvier Moon & Sun, since it was greatly inspired by science fiction - most notably Star Trek. The highlight of the watch is the massive triple-axis tourbillon in the centre of the dial. As the tourbillon rotates, it looks like Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine space station floating in the vast emptiness of space.

The movement is viewable via a sapphire display case back and is controlled via a screw-down crown at three on the case side. The crown is large enough to be easily grasped and is nicely finished with the Bremont logo in a glossy black cap that matches the black middle section of the case. The inclusion of a screw down crown is very nice as many pilot style watches like the Solo would be fitted with a passive crown. No doubt thanks to the screw down crown, the Solo boasts 100m (330 ft) worth of water resistance.

I've mentioned before how the Ceramic XV watch was water resistant to 300 meters, then the Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster from 2013 was rated to 120 meters, and now this Hydrocarbon Black model is water resistant to 300 meters. They all have the same case so I really don't understand what the deal with the new Spacemaster is. It really begs the question if Ball is just putting a lower water resistance rating on the Spacemaster to help differentiate the models more. When it comes down to it, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Black and Spacemaster are only separated by a DLC coating, different dial, and different movement.

Luminox Recon NAV SPC And Point Man Watches Hands-On

Luminox Recon NAV SPC And Point Man Watches Hands-On

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The most understated part of this Navitimer 01 is also one of my favorite features, the strap and excellent folding clasp and buckle. The black calf leather strap is padded and has a really nice heavy white stitching that matches well the black/white dial. The leather is soft but yet thick and the padding makes it very comfortable once adjusted.

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The other news is the new dial on the moon phase, seen above. The new dial is brass, patinated using a sculpture restoration technique that turns it dark grey. Once that's done, they mill out the indices, moon and date dot to reveal the brass beneath.