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The interest starts with the heavy satin-finished steel case (also available in black) that was designed in a wind-tunnel and has reverse tear-drop shape. It looks like a space ship but rides on your wrist. The case is 40mm wide by 52mm tall, and centrally weighted to sit even on your wrist. A true driver's watch, it is meant for motorcycle riding and car driving - and makes as much a statement as your ride does. The case lifts the movement and dial at a 35 degree angle so that it is easier to read the watch while not having the twist the wrist. This helps with reading the time while your hands are on handle bars or a steeling wheel. The unorthodox shape feels comfortable on the wrist with its ergonomically curved caseback and lugs that wrap around your wrist. The custom shaped mineral crystal is almost flush with the case, helping to create an organic curved look for the watch as a whole.

My first series of articles in Haute Living magazine as their Watch Editor have been published. They also place the articles on their blog in case you miss the publication. I'll try to notify you of new articles I have there, as the watches I discuss there will usually not show up on (just so many watches to discuss).

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Inside the watch is a solid Japanese quartz movement. Nothing you'd have to worry about, pretty much ever unless you need to put a battery in it. The watch is big enough that you can rest it on your desk while you work and use it as a clock. Most people (including myself) who type a lot take off their watches while they work). Just don't be one of those people who forget it on your desk (unless you are at home). There really isn't a lot to elaborate on with a very straight forward and easy to live with watch like this JR1060. You know what it does right away, you don't need to think very hard when using it, and the large, but traditional style of the watch goes with just about every outfit that a brown strap would go with. Price is really reasonable as well at 5 - available direct from Jorg Gray, or one of their authorized dealers.

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