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Which modern Speedmaster is closest to the original Moonwatch?

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Art Basel is a decidedly high-end event. Its principle sponsor is of course a bank (UBS), and a select group of major sponsors such as Ruinart champagne, Davidoff, Netjets, and Audemars Piguet are brands which are indicative of the demographic of people who wander the halls admiring or critiquing art of all varieties.

For that reason, the GMT-Master from 1955 was very similar to the Submariner, which itself quickly adopted the hands from the Explorer. What made the GMT-Master different was the 24 hour GMT hand, and 24 hour scale bezel. The GMT master was also unique (and later iconic) because of its two-tone blue and red bezel that was meant to be a sort of AM/PM indicator. This would later be known as the "Pepsi bezel" due to its similarity with the color tones of the soft drink. In many ways it was similar to the Submariner, but with some important but visually minor changes.

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Now Apple's bought a company in Arizona that makes synthetic sapphire. Apple is very cost-sensitive when it comes to the prices they pay for parts. GT Advanced Technologies, the newly-purchased company, has a method for slicing sapphire with an ion particle accelerator. Not coincidentally, Apple also has a patent on a method for laminating glass over glass to get a screen totaling about 1mm thick. This technique, combined with the reputed order to increase production by about 20 times tells us that synthetic sapphire crystal is becoming strategic to Apple's product line.

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Reference: 1CHAS.S02A.C121S

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Even with a concept borne in 2004, the Monaco V4 is still a very cool looking timepiece. The movement was designed to model an automotive engine in a few ways. One of the most ambitious elements was use of transmission style belts versus traditional metal gears for parts of the movement. Transmitting power via belts seemed possible enough, but it proved very difficult for TAG Heuer to ensure reliability and chronometric performance. In the end, TAG Heuer succeeded and the Monaco V4 is actually said to be a rather accurate watch.

Not that this comes as a surprise to many people, but this watch is the first time anyone has combined a tourbillon movement with real bullets. Yes, Swiss Artya's founder Yvan Arpa has finally ventured into creating an unholy union of delicate watch making and destruction with the Son of a Gun Tourbillon timepiece. A large portion of aBlogtoWatch readers who prefer more conservative fare such as products from Patek Philippe or Rolex balk at the notion that we even cover brands like Artya. Yes, they've written us and commented on posts suggesting that these are perhaps not the most prudent items to recommend purchasing. We think they are missing the point on why we get excited about featuring timepieces of this ilk.

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Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver's 200m Watch Hands-On Hands-On

In 18k pink gold or steel, the Two Time Zones watch has a legible iconic Cartier dial with Roman numeral hour markers and blued steel hands. The 18k white gold model has a very attractive blue dial, but I am concerned that in reality it will be difficult to read, with the polished steel hands (that should be a bit longer, as well).

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Upon opening the parcel I found one of the most unique (no pun intended) boxes I've ever seen, which resembles a military ammunition crate. Included with the watch is a small booklet giving the history of Kartveli, his other design contributions past the P-47 and loads of detail about the actual airplane. The watch comes on a very nice leather strap with contrasting stitching, an engraved clasp and some cool grommets to further reinforce the military feel. Also included is a black nylon Zulu strap with stainless steel keepers for when you want to mix it up and go a bit more "tactical". You know, perhaps running around in the dark in your neighborhood.

I recently visited the brand's tiny workshop in Lully-sur-Morges and had the opportunity to meet the founders, the couple of Anouk Danthe and Olivier Leu. They are both watch designers with some extensive experience when it comes to creating new watches. Anouk has worked for Audemars Piguet, Omega and Jaeger-LeCoultre, while Olivier has worked with more than eighty - small and major - brands as a freelance watch designer. In 2007 they set themselves a new challenge, one that is rightfully the dream of most watch makers and designers: they established their own company, called Revelation, and based it on the superb idea of producing a unique watch dial that has never been done before.

Between the two Longines Heritage Diver models, I prefer the chronograph as it makes better use of the dial and the overall 1970s dive watch theme. It is an interesting watch, but I still think that Longines is stuck in a retro-rewind and I'd love to see some more contemporary fare from the brand in the future. Having said that, if vintage-style watches are selling well, then don't expect too many changes soon.

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There is one thing I'm still torn on with the hands. While the minute hand extends nicely to the edge of the dial (and the minute track), the hour hand is hitting a point that's a little less defined for me. On one hand, it almost touches the hour track (it's just barely brushing the numerals). On the other hand, it's extending past that central, darker, circle. On other watches where you've got this sort of prominent center circle (call to mind your favorite flieger), the hour hand keeps itself right around that central circle.

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch

It goes without saying that many elements of the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon are patented by TAG Heuer. While it might look like the simple inclusion of a tourbillon in an existing movement, this is something totally new from the outgoing V4, even though they are still very much part of the same family. The movement is also an automatic and unlike most does not use a half-circle rotor. Instead, the TAG Heuer Monaco V4T movement uses a linear weight which acts to wind the four mainspring barrels as it moves back and forth.

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Breva's CEO shed some light on what appears to be a very unique and quirky brand. If the brand was to have a theme it would be high-end mechanical watches that feature environmental sensors. That latter requirement can take many forms. Using air (or water) pressure alone has a lot of options. In addition to a barometer or altimeter watch, it would be easy to have aviation and diving watches. All of those things are entirely possible.

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Also in accordance with heading outside, the Outdoor carries a higher WR rating than I normally see on Archimede models, topping out here at 200m - more than adequate for a swim in the local lake. Helping you keep track of the time while you're out amongst the forests and the fields, Archimede has placed a SW200 automatic movement in the case, so accuracy shouldn't be a concern.

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As a dive watch, the SUB 300T-Graph is water resistant to 300 meters (most diving chronographs are only water resistant to 200 meters), and you can even use the chronograph pushers when they are unscrewed at a depth of 100 meters. It is uncommon to have diving chronograph watches because of the fact that if you used the chronograph underwater you will allow water in the movement. Only a few chronograph divers actually allow for underwater operation. The case also has a helium release valve and given the overall bulk of the piece, doesn't feel too thick at about 17mm.

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In order to full understand the story of the MP-05 LaFerrari watch, I recommend you begin with our 2013 article debuting and discussing the original model. There, I talk about the competition that Hublot is trying to beat with the watch, and what it meant for the brand to release such a timepiece. Nevertheless, I should recap some of the major talking points of the piece (as there are many), and discuss what is new about this 2014 version of the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch.

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Over the dial of all Red8USA watches is an AR-coated sapphire crystal. The Red8USA Fifty watches are named as such because "Fifty" is spelled out on the bezel where "50" should be. It is just a design cue and is interesting. The same goes with the "Forty" collection of watches. Red8USA Fifty watches come in three styles for now. That includes the Fifty ref. US151 in black-coated steel with a black bezel, the Fifty ref. US152 in polished steel with the black and white bezel (the most classic looking pieces of them all), and the Fifty ref. US153 in black-coated steel with a black-and-blue bezel.