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The people at Perrelet are at it again, dancing the complication jig. This new Perrelet Regulator Retrograde watch mixes a few complications in a way that (to my knowledge) hasn't been done before. You have a retrograde hour display, regulator style separation between the hours, minutes, and seconds (that occupies the main dial), and a periphery style date display. The balance of the elements is quite good. Plus, there is likely to one one (or two) people in the world who have been dreaming for a watch that combines all these complications together.

How is the watch so accurate without thermocompensation? Well, according to Bulova, Precisionist movements use a three-versus-two prong quartz crystal as the regulator. Apparently the addition of this third prong not only allows for a higher frequency movement, but also creates some type of stabilizing effect. The P102.12 movement operates at 262,144 Hertz. That is really fast and accounts for the accuracy. In comparison, a standard quartz movement operates at 32,768 Hertz, and a mechanical movement operating at 28,800 bph is only running at 4 Hertz.

Really, I don't actually know whether this is a sport watch, a formal watch, or something in between. The case design falls somewhere in the middle. The dial is also a mixture of classic elegance and aggressive ideals. It has a steel case with some or all of it DLC black coated, and a rubber strap. How many skeletonized sport watches do you know? I am just so confused. Does it matter what it is? Maybe not. I think a watch can survive "category-less" in this day and age.

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The second image, of the Mese Tinta model, the inner spiral is the date - that would take a bit of practice to read, but is an example of the unique complications put into the brand.

For those who aren't that familiar with the operation of a mechanical watch, the heart of the watch is the escapement and balance wheel components - in other words, the regulation system of the watch movement that makes it predictably tell time. For this reason it is often called the heart of the movement, and why its principle producer - Nivarox - can be considered the heart of the Swiss watch industry.


Best of all the Watch Winder will be customized for each owner. A gold-colored plaque set on the top of the winder box will read "for YOUR NAME" and then the number of the piece in the limited edition set. You can even request what number in the limited edition you'd like (based on availability). These winders are small and simple enough to put on a desk, shelf, or in your closet, and are priced right. This series of the Watch Winder by Wolf Designs will be limited to 100 pieces only. Price is a reasonable 9 and that includes shipping within the continental US. Shipping elsewhere is fair and depends on where you live.

The watch comes with your choice of metal bracelet or rubber strap. I am not sure of all the options, but there should be a fair number of varieties of this watch. Tissot likes big releases with lots of options, so I expect the Seastar 1000 Automatic Chronograph to be no different.

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Gronefeld One Hertz Dune Watch

Looking inside of the watch is a treat. What is really special - especially for seasoned watch lovers is just how different it is. It looks more like a machine than something you'd see in a Swiss watch. There are screws and belts, and plates. It looks like some was playing with the world's most complex Erector set. Seeing everything work together helps you appreciate how difficult it was to design from scratch. Few people in the mechanical watch world ever design things totally from scratch as there is generations of knowledge to build off of. For Devon, no one had ever done anything like this - so they have little to guide them.

Hublot will be adding a new material to its "art of fusion" parts bin which they call "Magic Gold." Magic gold is a special 18k gold and ceramic alloy which offers the look and feel of 18k gold with the incredibly high scratch resistance of ceramic materials. Many people who currently own gold watches will likely be very excited about this.

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I recently attended an interesting award ceremony called the Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards. For about 5 years so far, Hamilton has been holding this event here in LA to honor people behind the scenes. The awards are presented by actors to the people who help make them look good.

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When you turn over the Gefica you see an amazing looking movement, and it looks unlike anything else you'll see. Most brands try to visually separate the automatic rotor from the rest of the movement. Not here. Both the movement parts and automatic rotor are applied with micro-perlage polishing. It looks incredible as well as unique. The movement is called the Calibre GG 1004 automatic. It is a base Girard-Perregaux automatic with a special retrograde module built by Gerald Genta. A great combo if you ask me.

The balance spring it part of this set of parts and is produced using a secret metal alloy. An alloy that as of recently Nivarox themselves actually produces. The story behind that is quite telling of how the watch industry works. Let's step back a bit. In the 1970s Nivarox was part of a group of Swiss watch movement suppliers collectively known owned by the ASUAG. In 1980 the quartz crisis (as the Swiss refer to it as), almost completely destroyed the Swiss watch industry as cheaply made and more accurate quartz movement based watches produced outside of Switzerland threatened to make mechanical watches almost obsolete.

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Functionally speaking the Klepcys has an automatic movement that has a few neat retrograde hands. You get the time, date, and moon phase. The time and date use sorta of hybrid retrograde hands. A retrograde hand is used to display one digit, while a flipping indicator (similar to Urwerk's stuff) is used to show another one for the date. There is a traditional seconds disc, and then a minutes disc that "follows" the hour hand (but also moves). If you are totally confused then just look at the video.

Attached to the SpidoLite II is a textured calfskin strap. Linde Werdelin tends to impress me with their strap design and selection. If you have a Linde Werdelin watch there is no reason why you should not have a cool strap to go with it. I am not sure exactly how many SpidoLite II watches Linde Werdelin will produce overall, but the series A production will result in 100 pieces of both the naked titanium and the DLC coated titanium models. Price is 9,360 Euros for the titanium model and 9,960 Euros for the DLC coated model.

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