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My personal favorite line in the Cartier watch collection is the Santos. The 100 XL is their larger version of the watch, the standard model is a bit small for my tastes. At 38mm wide and tall the square 100 Xl Santos does not sound too large, but as a square shape it is a good substantial size on one's wrist without being silly in size. Of the coolest versions is this 18k rose gold and rubber model. While it is very sporty, the black with gold look is beautiful. I love how the Cartier Roman numeral style melds with the hues. Really attractive with a timeless quality to it.

BR-01 Passes the Phantom Torch to the BR-03 92 Watch Watch Releases

Phosphor Digital Hour Clock e-Ink Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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The New Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Men’s Collection

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Now, I mentioned earlier that this Futura winder is hard to find, if at all. The reason has to do with why this winder even exists. It was originally made as a partnership between Orbita and watch maker Jacob & Co. US based Jacob & Co. wanted to provide a watch winder with its new automatic movement -based watch (they aren't all quartz), and this Futura watch winder was the result. My understanding is that the winders were limited in production (not sure if they are still made at this time) and were made to be provided with the Jacob & Co. watches. If you are interested in getting a unit like this, I imagine the price would be somewhere between the Futura 1 and the Tourbillon 1. You'd have to contact Orbita to see if they have any available.

The dial of the watch is the part that will attract women the most. It is mother of pearl, with various heart shapes on the dial that are lightly applied. You then have fun looking Arabic numerals in a rose gold tone that have been applied, as well as the open heart window into the movement. The chapter ring assists with legibility and the hands are nicely shaped and luminant covered. I would have like the chapter ring to not overlap on the numerals as it does a bit, but this is part of the design. Plus, I would have liked the open heart window on the dial to be a total heart shape - as right now it is an upside down tear drop shape while the rest of the hear is in rose gold tone. For women who don't know a lot about mechanical watches the allure of the automatic movement peeking through the windows is a great touch adding a lot of emotional value to the timepiece. It is certainly more interesting than a standard quartz movement. Currently, all Orient automatic watch movements are automatic rotor winding only - not hand wound. Just something to know. Also, water resistance is 50 meters, so you things like washing hands, etc... won't hurt the watch. Not really for any water sports though.

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Although the collection is pretty cool, it will appeal to mostly a niche audience of mostly existing Pierre DeRoche watch lovers. I do feel that while there are three different pieces in the collection, they are too similar to each other. Mr. von Koeding could have easily mixed it up a bit giving each version of the Dare watch collection its own style and personality. The movement inside the watch is a Dupois Depraz mechanical automatic, and the case is done in stainless steel. An interesting timepiece with a mixture of luxury and contemporary urban art.

Customizable Jaquet Droz Les Douze Villes 12 Timezone Collection Watches + Video Watch Releases

I don't think that the popular Valjoux line of movements will stop being used, in fact I think they will be used quite a bit, but expect to see new Valgranges watches in many of the watches that will be coming out - already a good deal of watches have the Valgranges movements that have been out for a little while. Let's look over the new movements.

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Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Listen to the Hour Time Show podcast Episode 10 here.

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Extraordinary Series Watches For 2010

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Extraordinary Series Watches For 2010

Share who the company you were dealing with was, what happened, if they did anything to help resolve it, and your overall feelings about the matter.

BR-01 Passes the Phantom Torch to the BR-03 92 Watch Watch Releases

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And as their website, Diorhorlogerie.com states: "Dior Christal combines the excellence of Swiss Watchmaking Workshops with the refined audacity of Avenue Montaigne."

While Chinese mobile phones aren't as nifty of sophisticated as Japanese phones, there is certainly a much more healthy variety of phone in China than in the US. Plus, China of course makes most of the phone and probably sometimes gets internal parts from Taiwan. Most of the phones are pretty crappy to be honest and are made of plastic that reminds you of children's toys they sell at 99 cents stores. Though that is not the case with all phone and some do employ interesting features. Most of which would never make it to the US.

In the end, the major eco-friend component of the watch is Arlanch's purchasing of carbon offsets. I wrote about carbon offsetting here on Luxist. A lot of watch makers do this. Basically it means you get a measurement of the environmental impact of making your watch, then based upon that impact you buy offsets. The more environmentally unfriendly production of your product is, the more expensive offsetting is. Money paid for offsetting goes to ecofriendly uses to help reduce waste and eco harm in other areas. It is an interesting an popular concept to help lots of companies achieve a "net zero environmental impact."

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London Speedmaster GTG Photo Report

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Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Last Chance To Enter For Free Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Giveaway

Last Chance To Enter For Free Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Giveaway
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Extraordinary texture IWC Replica Watches Special Edition Comment

The timepiece that won top honors "The Golden Hand Award" was actually the cheapest (actually closely tied to the best women's watch) - but still costs over ,000 for the least expensive version. That would be the A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk watch. Aside from the Piaget Limelight Twice watch (for women), the rest of the watches are all over 0,000 or WAY over 0,000. Think Richard Mille RM 025 Diver at about 0,000 and the ,000,000 Hublot Million $ Black Caviar Bang watch.

Fortis "Cargo" Movie Limited Edition Spacematic & Spaceleader Watches Watch Releases

Sorry about the slightly blurry image, this watch was a pain to get a pic of, and I couldn't tell I didn't get a good pic until it was too late. Still, you can tell that this is a really cool "phantom" style all black watch.  This is the TX Pilot ref. T3C423 watch from TX's 600 Series watches. The watch has a quartz flyback chronograph  as well as a second time zone. You also get the case and a rotating slide-rule bezel. The watch is probably about 45mm wide and is really cool looking. You can tell that the dial is deep and easy to read despite the black tones. People will want to know what that big black watch on your wrist is. All the detail on the dial make it quite intriguing. Still, the functionality is simple and you get used to the look of the dial with ease. It is matched with a black leather strap and retails for 5. For some people this is the best TX watch in their lineup.

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This month on aBlogtoRead.com's Free Watch Giveaway you can get a really cool watch, and everyone who enters gets a special Phosphor watch discount. That's right. Even if you don't win the watch at the end of the month, you'll still get an e-mail with a special exclusive discount coupon for a Phosphor watch. This makes a high value watch, even more enticing. I recently reviewed the Phosphor Digital Hour Clock here with much praise. This watch is great for you or as a gift (given the holiday season). Oh, and don't worry, the watch to be won is brand new direct from Phosphor, and not the particular piece I personally reviewed.

I am considering the utility of the Les Douze Villes collection and whether having just 12 timezones enough. I mean it is for the most part. In the US you'd really only need to cycle through four of them - but once you left this continent the watch wouldn't be ultra useful. Basically you'd have to travel from Europe to part of Asia frequently to take full advantage of the watch - without needing more utility. What I really like is the sheer simplicity of the movement operation and information read out. Jumping hour watches are some of my favorite in terms of legibility and ease of use, and this is a very practical integration of that complication. Prices for the Jaquet Droz Les Douze Villes collection will run from about 20,000 - 30,000 Euros.

Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch Watch Releases

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GMT Replica Watch

Swiss ETA movements are growing up. No, not maturing exactly, but literally growing larger. They need to be! Most of the ETA movements in your favorite watches were designer in the 1970s. Nothing wrong with that, but they are designed for smaller watches. The trend for larger watches is not going to diminish and larger watches need larger movements. Why? Well a few reasons. Size in the case is actually not a major reason. It has more to do with the hands. Ever notice how larger watch faces often have hands that look too short? Well I do because this is a major pet peeve of mine. I hate stubby hands which are too short. Sometimes this is just bad design, other times this is technical necessity. Larger hands weight more and require more torque to move. The smaller movements just weren't designed for hands that look proper on today's larger sized watch faces. Sure there are exceptions, but generally the existing movements can't handle the hands. Well the new larger ETA movements are all titled "Valgranges," and will initially come in four movement models.

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

If you are wondering what the pusher at 2 o'clock is used for, it adjusts the day of the week display next to the date. It is good that the pusher is screw-down. In addition to this aiding the watch's water resistance, it prevents you from accidentally pushing it and changing the day of the week without meaning to do so. The watch crown has a nice engraved Orient logo which is a nice touch, especially on a price at this level.

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MOONWATCH ONLY – 60 Years of OMEGA Speedmaster

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

You cannot escape those immediate parallels. The comparisons to the Dior Christal Collection and the Chanel J12 are too clear. But, with changing markets and a severe change in consumer spending, it is adaptations like this - with crystal instead of sapphires or diamonds - that will really help people and brands carry through to the other side of this recession. Give them what they want - compromise a little it - and still get a great product.

This is will be Dievas' new range, Tactical Range. The Vortex is Made in Germany.

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