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Another unusual detail is that the dial has the unique number of the watch in the limited edition, a nice detail that implies not only the case but the dial also are uniquely treated in a limited production run. More imminently apparent is the combination of bright yellow lumed indices and hands, which offer a high contrast and good legibility – with that added fun element which, again, may not work for everyone.

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Above, you'll see examples of other, smaller Savoy watch winder safes that use similar historic safes acquired and restored by the company. Each of them also uses Scatola del Tempo interiors and watch winders. The Savoy Safe No. 3 is totally custom made in Italy by Scatola del Tempo, and includes 42 automatic watch winders that are fully programmable. It further offers six smaller drawers and three larger ones, designed to hold additional watches and other valuables.

Wixon Jewelers will also have some of Parmigiani Fleurier’s iconic minute repeaters, including the Parmigiani Kalpa Resonance and the Parmigiani Toric Westminster.

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That simplicity is also expressed in the dial layout. While the dial is busy, each element is easily discernible, and overall legibility appears to be good, though the time display on the grey dial model appears to offer less contrast than the silver/white dial version.

Leeds & Son: The Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Rolex Day Date II both personify the desert client. They are elegant, impeccably  manufactured, and made for the active client. They represent luxury and lifestyle better than any product.

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Stephen Forsey: Born in St. Albans, England, I inherited my passion for the intricacies of mechanics from my father. From 1987, I specialized in antique watch restoration, which led to a position as head of Asprey’s prestigious watch restoration department, and then furthered my horological education at WOSTEP in Switzerland.

The Calibre Rising Star II is a rather complex manually wound movement that also contains a tourbillon and 7 days of power reserve. What makes it the most interesting to me isn't what it does, but more how it looks. The Bovet Recital 16 has no real dial, but makes the most out of having a totally open movement with various dials and pieces of information on it. Let's be honest, despite the many items on the dial, hands, and indicators, the Bovet Recital 16 is rather legible for what it is. There is even lume on the hands for darkness reading.

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Online resources are the best destinations when researching a watch. Many dedicated collectors are available with specialized knowledge, and virtual encyclopedias have been written on the most popular models from top brands. The online marketplaces such as eBay, JamesEdition, and the watch-specific sales site Chrono24 permit trade-seekers to view many examples of a single watch reference.

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Perhaps the most thrilling element of all is that smartwatch may very well usher in a new golden age for the wrist watch. Timepiece enthusiasts who frequent places like aBlogtoWatch aren't who I am referring to, but rather, the masses who have abandoned the wrist watch as soon as it was no longer as useful and practical as it once was, starting about 15 to 20 years ago. The proliferation of the smartwatch has the potential to change that, as useful connected devices on our wrists prove more than mere toys, but bona fide necessities that many people agree they don't want to live without; very much like they did with the mobile phone back in the 1990s.

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It has both a symbolic and emotional dimension. The watch is a 44mm COSC certified chronometer in 18K rose gold. It is a limited edition of 100 pieces and I’m the proud owner of #1! What makes this watch special for me, and it certainly will for all Raymond Weil lovers, is Raymond Weil’s hand written signature on the dial.

Full disclosure: I am a vintage Seiko fanatic. My watch-collecting journey really started with a fascination for Seiko’s iconic automatic models of ‘60s, ‘70s, and (early) ‘80s. Over the years, it’s proven a great and satisfying romance, cemented by acquiring a number of great Seiko vintage timepieces – a very rare Timesonar (one of the first watches by Seiko to have an exhibition caseback – and therefore, sort of ever), an amazing NOS Seiko “Monaco” with a 7016 movement, and my first grail attained, the 6139 “Pogue” chrono that was renowned for being the first watch in outer space on a Skylab mission. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised upon discovering Seiko, in its quiet fashion, had recently dropped a wonderfully retro-themed new collection known as “Recraft.”

While I don't claim to know any specifics about Bamford's history with Rolex, I know that Rolex - like many companies - is diligent in protecting their products, intellectual property, and business practices. Whether or not they like or agree with what Bamford Watch Department and its competitors do, they have a duty to their own rights, to assert them or potentially lose them. In fact, what Rolex has which is most valuable in addition to its trademark is their signature mark of quality. Most watch designs are not protected by any intellectual property rights and Rolex must vehemently defend against everything that erodes or confuses consumer understanding about their products. Intentionally or not, Bamford does this, and unfortunately, it wouldn't be the same business for George if he took the Rolex logo off the Rolex watches he modifies.

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The allure for Hublot was being able to capture the attention of the world's mega pool of wealthy Ferrari owners, or even aspirational owners. If you bought a luxury car, often times you'd want accessories to go with it, even if those accessories are sometimes serious investments unto themselves. By partnering with Ferrari, not only did Hublot elevate their own image, but they were also instantly granted a whole new world of potential customers that might never otherwise pay attention to, or know about, watch brands. Biver's tactic for making the relationship work was to produce a series of watches that, while thoroughly Hublot in character, were distinct products within the brand's collection. His words to me where very simple; that the mistake most other companies made when working with Ferrari was to simply adapt existing products with Ferrari branding. The key, he said, was to respect the relationship and produce something totally unique for the partnership. Within a year after their release, Hublot seemed to indicate that over 10% of their sales came from the Ferrari watches.